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How Keep Vesting Cash Plans Work

Meet Jane


Creates a Keep Account

Jane is the head of employee benefits at her organization. Jane’s employer, like many companies, has challenges with attrition and retention. She hears about Keep and creates a free account.

Create Vesting Cash Bonus
Creates custom vesting bonus for employee
After onboarding with a Keep Account representative in minutes, Jane decides to create and send a Vesting Cash Bonus to Alex, a Senior Engineer they wish to retain. Jane configures the bonus and Keep sends the 0% interest loan agreement between Alex and Keep to Alex.
Creates a Keep Account
Alex is a rockstar engineer who has a few different competing offers from companies that he likes. The Vesting Cash Bonus that Jane offered is a game changer for Alex and he chooses to accept and stay with the company for 3 more years.
Meet Alex


Withdraw Funds
Alex takes advantage of the Vesting Cash made available to him. He accepts the cash via a 0% interest loan and withdraws the funds. He can now use the cash on whatever he likes. He decides to put it towards a down payment for a new home.
Transfer To My Bank
Subtract Small
Vesting Milestones Hit
Time passes and Alex continues to excel at his job. At each vesting milestone, a portion of the bonus and related 0% interest loan is paid down by the employer and treated as taxable income. Alex is excited when he hits each vesting milestone.
Vesting Cash
Thrive Together
Jane & Alex Thrive Together
Jane expands the Vesting Cash Plan program with Keep throughout her organization. She is now able to close quality hires and retain her top performers. Alex continues to feel valued and appreciated. He looks forward to each vesting milestone and loves the flexibility the Vesting Cash Bonus from Keep offers him and his family.