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The Keep Advantage.

A Vesting Cash Bonus from Keep offers far more than money. It provides businesses a powerful tool to attract and retain top talent, while giving employees the compensation they deserve.

Help employees achieve goals

Raise employee satisfaction​

Employees want to feel valued and appreciated. Keep vesting cash bonus offer businesses a flexible compensation tool that increases employee satisfaction along with longevity. 

Hire top talent

Attract top performers

Fierce competition for top talent makes hiring challenging. Offering a Keep Vesting Cash Bonus to candidates help your offer letters stand out and show that you are willing to invest in the candidate’s future.

Retain employees

Improve retention

Standard bonuses are nice but they don’t promote retention. A vesting cash bonus rewards employees over time giving them motivation to stay longer and contribute more. 

Increase productivity

Improve performance

Organizations need high-performing consistent staff to hit their company goals. With Keep Vesting Cash Bonuses, teams grow together evolving to high output reliable dynasties.


Keep makes a great addition to your compensation toolkit​

Vesting Cash Bonuses from Keep are a great addition to your company’s compensation packages. See how Keep Vesting Cash Bonuses can be included as one of your  compensation methods.

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Standard Bonus

One time bonus to the employee.

Stock Options

Options to purchase shares at a specific strike price.

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Vesting Cash Bonuses

0% interest loan that vests/paid down by the employer over time.


Promote an employee to a new position.


Pay Increase

Raise the salary or hourly rate of employee.


Vesting Cash Bonus Use Cases.

Keep Vesting Cash Bonuses support every type of employee for any organization. See examples of various vesting cash bonus configurations and how employees used the money the way they want.

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