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Our mission is to creating longterm relaionships between employers and their employees..

Keep is a financial technology company that empowers companies to provide flexible vesting cash bonus incentives to their employees. Businesses of every size, from startups to Fortune 500 use our platform to attract critical talent and retain them longer.


Believe in your people.

A dramatic shift has happened. Employees who may have spent an entire career at a company are now jumping from one job to the next at an accelerated rate.

Feeling like expendable assets versus valued members, employees are constantly keeping their eyes open for bigger and better opportunities.

Companies are stuck in a constant cycle of finding and replacing talent, which affects productivity, revenue, and morale.

Keep provides businesses the tools and guidance necessary to show that they believe in their people, wish to retain them as a valued member of their family, and are willing to invest in their future.


We believe in our people too.

Check out available career opportunities at Keep Financial.



Take pride in knowing that your contribution helps companies retain talent and employees live happier more prosperous lives.

Keep Financial is an amazing place to work. We offer a chance to make a difference, an opportunity to be heard, and a place to get things done alongside the best and the brightest.

In addition to great pay, benefits, and top of the line equipment, Keep offers remote working opportunities allowing you to work from anywhere. 

At Keep we also, follow what we preach. In addition to offering competitive salaries and benefits, we also provide Keep vesting cash bonuses for all Keep employees.

If you are interested in a career at Keep Financial, please send your resume to careers@keepfinancial.com

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